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Denise Krogman, GRI, SRES

Real Estate in W. Wisconsin and Minneapolis/St. Paul
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Author: Denise Krogman, GRI, SRES

Fall is here … People are house shopping!!!

Fall is a great time of year to house shop, especially in our St. Croix Valley region! Many people believe that the housing season is focused only on the late spring and summer months, but in my 14 years of being a Realtor my business has proven that theory to be incorrect. In fact, buyers who are searching properties in the fall and winter months of the year are some of the BEST clients to work with! After all, who wants to go out in the rain and cold house hunting just to get decorating ideas? Buyer’s at this time of year are serious buyers ready to take action! From a seller’s perspective this is a great time for us to discuss the details of listing your home!

Have you considered selling or buying property? Have you decided you need to wait until spring winweather? If so, I offer you a complimentary 10 minute conversation to discuss your options and the benefits/risks of taking steps now vs. waiting until spring. Whether your takeaway from our conversation is a list of things to do to prepare for your future sale/buy, or a decision to take action now, I promise you will gain insights and information that will benefit you!

Let’s share ideas today of what you can do to increase your home sale price. Inventory for those buyer’s seeking a home is low, which means a win-win for home seller’s!  Reach out to me at 715-222-6262 to secure your place on my calendar before it fills up! You have nothing to lose and everything to win!  Buyer’s are buying … shouldn’t you be selling?

Should I sell now … or wait?

Do you wait … or do you list?

Have you asked yourself when is the ‘right time’ to list your home for sale?  Are you stuck at a point of indecision?  With every home seller I speak with the timeline of when to list is one of the top questions I hear, and with good reason.

May I have the honor of placing this in your yard?  WARNING: SOLD additions appear quickly!

May I have the honor of placing this in your yard? WARNING: SOLD additions appear quickly!

Many clients have been told that they should only list in spring or summer.  They are often told that warmer weather brings buyers.  No one buys homes in the cold of winter!  Right?

In reality, people buy homes at all times of the year and for various reasons.  Relocating families are always on the move. Families with the intent to build will begin searching existing listings in winter, trying to confirm if building makes the best sense for their families finances. Their final outcome often leads them to scooping up prime properties during the winter when inventory is lower and buyers more serious.  After all, touring property in the winter means we are focused on buying NOW!

Lets go back to the original question – “Do you wait … or do you list?”  I say “List as soon as your home is ready to be presented at its BEST!”  Buyer’s willing to go out in the cold to preview homes are serious buyers!  If you wait … you miss them and they buy your neighbors home!  Yes, with warmer weather the number of home lookers may go up … but so does the competition and quantity of sellers.  Do you want to be the outstanding home amongst few, or amongst the masses?

Denise Krogman, your licensed Realtor in Wis. and Minn.

Denise Krogman, your licensed Realtor in Wis. and Minn.

I would love to hear your thoughts on when you think is the best time to sell, and also offer you some options you may have not considered yet.

As your potential Realtor of choice, I say “Lets be the leaders and not the followers in the home sale market.   Lets set the bar together and get your home listed and sold … while your competition waits!

Knowledge is always a great thing!  Call me today at 715-222-6262 for your no cost comparative market analysis!